On 15th of November Xillion.one, in collaboration with Purple Fly and NFT Europe (Who Knocks), are going to have an exclusive IDO of the pool of Korean Music Star, DJ SODA.

It’s the first ever celebrity-issued token backed by streaming revenue and integrated with the gaming Metaverse! So these NFTs have tangible value that exceed the IDO valuation more than several times already. To celebrate this epic milestone, Xillion by ProjectX will be giving away the entire commission amount to $XIL holders in the form of a $DJSD token airdrop!

Here are details for the sale:


Sales pressure will be extremely small due to our vesting schedule and small size of the fundraising round.

Key facts

GameFi integration:

DJ SODA’s NFTs will be implemented into several Play-to-Earn games (Legends of Crypto + 3 others). They will be playable and rare (only 10 packs). So the pool will be lending NFTs to the players and all the profit will be spent on buying back the token and burning it + adding funds directly to the pool (underlying asset value will be constantly growing, therefore token price will be actively growing as well).

Active buyback and burning strategy

15% of all the streaming revenue of DJ SODA will be spent on buying back and adding the value to the pool + burning $DJSD.

All the revenue from GameFi (lending of NFTs) will be spent on buying back and burning $DJSD.

This will be the first ever pool that’s pegged to the real streaming revenue of the artist. So as more popular she becomes as more money inflows into the pool. Even now, the pool value is higher than the IDO valuation. So imagine that for the rest of the life of this pool it will be getting 15% of the streaming revenue from each time her fans listen to her music.

Underlying assets of the pool are

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