Today at NFT Europe we are here with Domenico Dell’Osso, one of the first Italian digital artist that have launched an NFT. Let’s find out about his story.

Hi Domenico, thanks for giving us this interview. Well, let’s start. Tell us about you and your art.

I was born on May 1st 1975 and started painting at the age of 16. I paint mainly to get to know myself, based on philosophical theories focused on the unconscious and in fact in my process of artistic creation I reject the classic pictorial approach which involves the externalization of the individual achievements of knowledge as, rather, I adopt painting as a means to achieve a deeper understanding of the inner reality and for this reason my works are not the fruit of my thoughts, but a lens necessary to understand them. In 1998 a new artistic phase emerges, in which the one who will be the protagonist of my work in the years to come begins to be more and more present, with a form not yet fully defined: it is a character with a human body with the head often replaced by objects or by animals to better give expression to my inner state of the moment. In 2003 I created an interactive work, a sort of collage of the most representative works of the last decade, thus closing the artistic phase begun in 1998 and starting my approach with digital that I will progressively develop more and more in the elaboration of the my later physical works. With the progress of the inner research, my character assumes characteristics that are more and more similar to me in appearance, becoming much more realistic, albeit with a rather comic style. The personal research path, never interrupted, in 2014 leads me to mature an inner change that materializes in the evolution of my pictorial subject, determining a fundamental step in my own career: the “little men” are now projected towards maturity is that that I thought was just my other ego, now I recognize him as a character that each of us can identify with.

Tell us about the first NFT signed Domenico Dell’Osso

Your first NFT My first and I would say decidedly shy approach to the NFT market I had on 07/04/21 at 18:43 and to my extraordinary surprise in less than an hour, exactly at 19:28 it was immediately awarded. This is the digital version of a physical painting of mine entitled: “The waste society”.

Interview with Domenico Dell'Osso: "NFTs will evolve over time"

Where are you now and what are your future projects?

Where are you now? I was born in Puglia, from a Lucanian father and an Apulian mother, but my first steps in the art sector immediately led me to travel and among my destinations there was often Milan so much that I decided to move here permanently in 2012 bringing , therefore, the maturation process, started in 2006, which defined the style and distinctive character of my production, making it exclusive, unique and I would say absolutely identifiable as my own, was completed in this city. Later I returned to the south, exactly to Matera where the enthusiasm of the moment led me to open a gallery in the central square. In my program I had planned to stay in Basilicata only for a short period but the candidacy of Matera and the subsequent assignment of the title of European Capital of Culture 2019 led my stay in this city to last well beyond 2019. I was already organizing the my move to Milan when the spread of the pandemic completely messed up my projects, and therefore the spread of the covid literally blocked me, leading me to close the Gallery, but always with the hope of achieving an as soon as stimulating change. Currently I still live in Matera where slowly the desire to bring my new projects to completion becomes more and more real, I am in fact working to create collaborations with delocalized galleries throughout the national territory in order to finally be able to cross over with my art in scenarios that go beyond those that up to now I have managed to conquer with only my individual work.

In your experience, will NFTs last over time or will they disappear?

Being the result of futuristic technologies made real by transposing them into the present, I think that by their nature they are destined to evolve into something else, the solution will certainly be found if the technology that keeps NFTs alive should become obsolete.

Furthermore, could there be a relationship between the world of Crypto Art and that of physicality?

Once the initial enthusiasm is exhausted I think that the two worlds will divide overcoming the chaos of the moment as I think that there Crypto Arte has reason to exist only if it remains strictly interconnected to technology.

Interview with Domenico Dell’Osso: “NFTs will evolve over time”

Thanks to Domenico Dell’Osso for this interesting interview on Crypto Art and NFT. Stay tuned for new stories.

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